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"...I was very much impressed with my last visit to you and your approach to the Melanoma puzzle - the total immersion photography and your Melanoma Risk Self- Assessment Test. You convinced me that I should have an annual skin scan because of my risk for melanoma...."

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BulletFat cell growth

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Fat transfer (the use of autologous fat for tissue augmentation) has been used for contour remodelling for over a century. Fat is extracted from the outer thighs or other areas followed by purification techniques and injection of the purified fat cells into the desired target site. Once the fat has been collected, it can be frozen in storage and then thawed for injection at a later time, if so desired. Popular applications of this technique include contour remodelling of the smile lines of the mouth to minimize the "jowling effect", reduction of lip wrinkling around the mouth, replacement of lost tissue on the backs of the hands and augmentation of the breasts. The appearance of scars from surgeries may also be improved with this well-tolerated technique.

For fat transfer to the breast, we are following a protocol devised by Dr. Fulton, who has been doing a technique called the BAMBI (Breast Augmentation and Mammoplasty by Injection) procedure for more than 8 years. The BAMBI procedure has been improved significantly with refined techniques for separation, purification and stimulation of wound healing.6


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