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Letter from a patient

"...I was very much impressed with my last visit to you and your approach to the Melanoma puzzle - the total immersion photography and your Melanoma Risk Self- Assessment Test. You convinced me that I should have an annual skin scan because of my risk for melanoma...."

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BulletAbout Rhett Drugge, M.D.

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Rhett Drugge, M.D.

1992 Originated "store and forward" text plus image consultations in which have become the standard of care in teledermatology for the largest hospital system in the world, the Veteran's Administration, and the major backbone of peer-to-peer education in dermatology.

1993 Participated in the interface design of the Dermatology Online Image Atlas with Andy Bittorf, Thomas Diepgen, Thomas Ray and Arthur Huntley.

1994 Recommended that clinical dermatology email lists should be used primarily as a method of case discussions.

1994 Created Global Dermatology Grand Rounds, the first web based interactive dermatology case discussions.

1995 Founded the first online medical society, the Internet Dermatology Society.

Published the first medical textbook on the Internet, the Electronic Textbook of Dermatology.

1996 Presided over the first meeting of the Internet Dermatology Society, now in its 5th year.

1997 Produced the first online dermatology meeting with streaming video.

1999 Published a definitive study showing the equivalence of store and forward teledermatology to traditional dermatology in the JAAD.

2000 Created a systematic Dermatology Quality Index for the 5th Annual meeting of the Internet Dermatology Society.

Curriculum Vitae

Rhett J. Drugge, M.D.
50 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06902
tel: (203) 324-5719
fax: (203) 323-7485